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Bestselling Book MarketingWriting a great book is unfortunately not enough to turn it into a bestseller. The marketing, sales, and pre-sales play a bigger of a role in sales than the content of the book itself. I say this because a good book will never find its way into the readers hands without the marketing to let them know that it exists.

The best place to start with your book promotion is with the promotion of yourself, and in order to do that you need an attractive and user-friendly website. Ideally, you need to begin with marketing before your book is ever finished, or as quickly as humanly possible if your book is already finished. Creating a buzz around your brand (you) and your product (your book) is essential to success.

Your Website needs to be built around your target market, meaning it has to be attractive and have features that speak to the same people that will be buying your book. To get started, you need to identify who your target audience is or pass these tasks on to your internet marketing company, such as Campaign Promotions. By doing so, you learn not only who they are, but also what attracts them and how to reach them. The next step is then to buy a domain name and hosting. Don't make the mistake of going for cheap or free hosting, these companies look attractive but are often flagged for spam as anyone can create a site about anything on all of their servers, there is no reserve for legitimate sites. This means that your site will never reach the first page on Google and the other search engines when it is flagged as spam before you ever get started! The best bet is to buy a plan that offers Private SSL & IP options, my personal favorite is HostGators Business Plan, which costs just $10.36 per month. The good thing about the Business Plan from HostGator is that you have as many domain names (that www. stuff) without paying for hosting with each one. Before you rush off and buy hosting though you need a domain name, this should either be your name, if you wish to market yourself and multiple books / products, or the name of your upcoming book - keyword rich is a new favorite phrase you should begin using. 

Keyword rich, means those keywords that research shows your target audience is using to find things, like your future bestselling book, that interest them and in which the search engines are using to place those on their first page.

Make sure you read our article on How to Optimize Your Book for a Bestselling Marketing Campaign to see if your book is doing its best to market itself.

When buying your domain name, make sure you buy a .com. Remember, your name, your book title or a good keyword selected domain is ideal. The reason I say .com is that some endings are already 'assumed' to be spam as a mass number of other sites have given them a bad reputation. Those sites are considerably harder to get into the top search results. Now, there are new endings like .book that may be interesting for you, but I honestly don't have any experience in knowing how they rank just yet. They are also more expensive, but should you choose to try one out then make sure you buy the matching .com too as you are branding yourself, many of your readers are going to have a nasty .com habit.

Now that you have hosting and a domain name, the next step is developing your bestselling website. Invest in a professional, such as the Campaign Promotions Web Development Team. Do not use any finished templates or free 'drag and drop' options. These are typically branded, which means that in the coding they will link back to their own sites. This is bad for your ranking as that development company most likely has nothing to do with your book or topic. Investing the extra money in a custom template is well worth it, remember it is a major player in your efforts of branding and sales.

Using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or DotNetNuke is completely fine though, just make sure your developer knows how to remove the CMS links and protect your site from hacks. (I didn't mention removing links from templates as they are not standardized as CMS links are, it would be a guessing game as to where they are and how many exists, it is also often illegal to do so.)   A CMS is often a good solution for anyone who wishes to have a site that can be quickly updated without any coding know-how, maybe even you have the desire to learn how to do so.

Branding your book on your website is not as easy as you may think. May things come into play, but here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Your website colors, name, and graphics should match your book cover
  • Your website needs to be highly optimized with keyword rich (but not spammy) and quality content.
  • Your website must be updated regularly, which means regular blog posts (aim at least 3 per week to reach and maintain high rankings) that compliment your book topic.
  • Your website must be mobile responsive! What that means it that your website should respond to the device (Computer, Cellphone, Tablet...) in which it is being viewed on. Google just made changes that penalize sites without a mobile version.

The next step in your bestselling book campaign is the marketing. A lot of authors and even business owners rush into marketing thinking it is no big deal, but it is a big deal and you can waste thousands of dollars if your marketing campaign is not planned correctly. Start by contacting a professional book marketing company, like Campaign Promotions, then create a marketing plan and a budget plan with them, only then can you start marketing your book knowing that you are not wasting time nor money.

Are you ready to start working towards your ultimate goal? Give me, Cassandra Patton, a call today and let's discuss your future as a bestselling author, my number is 423-453-4404. 

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