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When creating or optimizing your social profile the most important thing to keep in mind is your audience. Write for them, address them directly, make it personal. Depending on who your target audience is, your profiles will also vary. 

While writing for your target audience keep the 'voice' in which you write in mind, even when it comes to something such as your biography. If you write business-related books you will need to write in a professional voice, whereas if you are writing horror you will want to use a more suspenseful approach and if you are an author of children's books you should keep your sentences short, simple, and perhaps even playful.

The same thing rules apply for your picture. If you write business books, you will probably be wearing a suit when having a professional picture done, with a serious yet friendly expression. Whereas if you are an author of horror will probably use a picture that is more representative of who you are, and if you are an author of children's books you will use a more relaxed approach, with a warm smile and friendly expression. Each addressing their audience with words and pictures in a way that will attract them.

If you can add a banner or cover picture (as on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) make sure this picture reflects your niche and product as well, look at it as prime marketing space. If you need ideas visit the pages of other authors who also write for your same target audience.

This complicates things a bit if you write in various book genres as you will have to find a good balance to speak to each target audience in one manner or another, but it is not impossible. (If you need assistance contact us.)

Video Marketing:

Videos are a great way to attract attention! Have you ever noticed how videos show up in the search results on Google? They show up from YouTube and other portals, they are a great venue for viral marketing! Make them fun and interesting, but keep it short.

Videos can be simple to create. All you need is a webcam or camera to record the video with and then upload it. Things to pay attention to are good sound quality - without background noises, a clear picture, the length (under 2 minutes is best in most circumstances, attention spans are short in the world of the Internet) and your surroundings. As an example... the room behind my office is the kitchen, so I have to shut the door when I record a video, otherwise you would see the trail of my children between the refrigerator and kitchen counter, not to mention the funny faces being made behind me.

The topics you choice can be very broad but should always remain related to your main topic, this attracts potential buyers and followers for your books and products while also providing valuable marketing. A general starting point is an introduction your book. Again, pay attention to the voice you use. In this case, if you are a business author you need to portray a certain level of professionalism, while if you write horror a suspensive storytelling can be beneficial and if you write for children a playful, simple and fascinating style can reel them in.

Blog Marketing:

The most important thing to take into consideration with blog posts is duplicate content. Duplicate content is articles, posts and press releases you have created and posted on one outlet and then again on another. Not only do the owners of the website you are posting on hate this and will most likely remove your valuable posts, but search engines, such as Google, despises it. It is such a sensitive topic that Google will BAN your site from the search results for duplicate content and even if you remove it and submit the changes to Google may leave you with a permanent penalty that will prevent you from ranking number 1 ever again. (Never use black hat marketing techniques, they are treated even harsher!)

Event Marketing:

Any event you participate in, be it a blog tour, a book signing, a reading, a speaking event or any other such public engagement should be posted on as many sites as possible, not forgetting Facebook Events, Amazon Events and your additional social media outlets, even if it is only the daily sharing of an event link.

Unique URL's:

All social media platforms (including Amazon in this one as well) offer you a chance to personalize your URL, the URL being the address you put in when you wish to visit a specific page - for example which will take you to our Facebook page. Our unique URL we designated as being 'BusinessSuccess', when choosing your URL make sure it compliments you, your book, business, or product. As an additional example, my professional page based around my person and not our brand is (This page is new, excuse its lack of flare and content, please). Ideally, all platforms will have the same unique URL, this makes it easier for your followers to find you. It isn't necessarily required but is very helpful.

Good luck in creating and optimizing your social media profiles, don't miss out on the future articles in this series as listed below::

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