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Optimizing your book for a bestselling marketing campaign begins with your book title, includes the cover and carries over into your website and marketing efforts. The combined effort on all fronts is what makes a book quickly climb the bestseller list.

Let's Start with Your Bestselling Book Title:

Your book title needs to be short (ideally 1-5 words), while there are exceptions, most books with shorter titles sale better as they are easier to remember. The title has to be related to your genre to attract the right kind of reader though. When I say, 'attract the right kind of reader', I'm referring to those that will fall in love with the contents and rave about it to their friends and social media follower, which then causes a chain reaction of your book going viral and practically marketing itself! It also has to be catchy, easy to remember and fun to say, remember that it is a marketing tool in and of itself.

Once you decide on a title, Google it. Make sure it's not already in use by someone else, run it through a domain checker (to test and see if it is available as a .com), run it by friends and colleagues for their opinion. If you're not too shy ask a few strangers what their impression of the title is, this will let you know if they associate it with your book topic and type. Sleep on it, make sure it is perfect. Then act. Make sure when printing your title on the cover that it is in a LARGE and easy to read font so that it does not lose its effectiveness.

Your Bestselling Subtitle:

Your Subtitle needs to be catchy, related to your story, and not too long. The subtitle is like a tagline on your business card or website. It is what reels your readers in and gives them an even deeper NEED to read your book, even before they read any kind of description, and make sure that it too is in an easy to ready type font. 

Your Bestselling Book Cover:

Your cover is the first thing that a reader sees. Remember that first impressions count and your book cover is your chance at a first impression. Your readers are going to judge and decide if they are going to remove it from the shelf, or not, based entirely on their first impression.  You only have a split second to lock them on, make the most of it.

Most successful covers tend to be very simple, but if you chose to go that route or not is a matter of personal preference. The most important tip is to make sure that it displays your story / genre, feel free to look at other bestselling book covers in your genre for inspiration. If your cover doesn't reflect your story or genre then it needs to be some seriously snappy colors and shapes to get attention. Just ask yourself when you decide what you may want how it will look on the bookshelf, in the store or library, next to hundreds of other books. Is your cover the one that everyone is going to see from across the room without specifically looking for it? If yes, then you have a winning design!

Your Book Description:

This is your first sales letter, your squeeze page, the sales pitch...  your bestselling book description is what converts those who picked your book up because the cover is cool and converts them into a book buyer. Don't give this part away to someone else, as no one else knows your book like you do. The entire essence needs captured in a few sentences, it has to be captivating, alluring, solve a problem or give a sense of urgency for the reader to buy your book. You already have them on the hook, now reel them in with the most magnetic description you can write. Again, ask friends, colleagues, and strangers for their opinions, make it perfect and it will market itself. 

Now it's time to start your marketing efforts for those who don't go strolling through bookstores. These are your internet shoppers, your magazine readers, and your bestseller list buyers. The points above are just as important for them, so don't ignore them if you 'only' have an eBook out there.

Read our article on How Do I Turn My Book into a Bestseller? for more information and please leave your comments below. Let us know what you think and whattopics you would like to see in the future. 

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