Promotional Marketing Campaigns

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Campaign Promotions

Guiding Authors and Businesses to Success in the North American and German markets with professional Internet marketing strategies.

The experts at Campaign Promotions are knowledgeable and experienced with Internet marketing strategies, business communications, Web design, and other complementary services.  

Our specialists are located around the world. We have head offices in:

  • Twistringen, near Bremen, Germany
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
  • Toronto, Canada.

We have resources where you need them and put them to work for you with our expertise in a manner that benefits you, your corporation and expands your customer pool to a level of international success.

Where do you want to grow to today?

Cassandra Patton, CEO

Internet Marketing.

Extend your reach in the global marketplace! Our expertise has you covered. We have helped many businesses reach their campaign milestones; such as author Tommy Newberry, who reached the New York Times #1 Best Seller list with The 4:8 Principle within the first week of the book’s release. We offer several key Internet Marketing services, including social media marketing, how to monetize your website with proven pay per click strategies, effective search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), lead generation, viral marketing, blog marketing, and article and affiliate marketing. Our Certified Professional Internet Marketers, including our CEO Cassandra Patton, help you get to where you need to go.

Traditional Marketing.

All marketing activities include personal contact, paper-based materials, and the “Five P’s”: Product, Place, Price, Packaging, and Promotion. It is no secret: most successful multi-channel companies employ traditional and online marketing. We turn marketing deficiencies into efficiencies. We create a plan that will blend the two kinds of marketing together to reach many more prospects. Our media team specializes in getting organizations the attention they deserve, whether in print, online, in television, or on the radio. Getting the word out means reaching your audience wherever it is. If we create and distribute a press release for you, it will do more than generate buzz … it will also lend itself to your disaster management plan, should you ever need to use it.

Rob Neilly

Writing Services.

Your words are your messages. When people do not have enough time or interest to judge you on your actions, they will judge you on your words. How are you ‘read’? How are you heard? What do people hear or see, every time they are exposed to your company? We know how to transform your messages so they include that all-important call to action. Wherever and however others hear or read about you, they always need to know it is you. We help you strengthen your voice and your brand. Our writers, like Content Manager Rob Neilly, offer copywriting, Web copywriting, marketing materials, blog writing, ghost writing, social media writing; even résumé writing. Your key messages should be in every presentation, annual report, brochure, or website you produce. Writing and content specialists work in the markets you do. They help you get to where you need to go.

Web Development and Design.

A sound, functioning content management system (CMS) will go the distance in handling your client base, orders, fulfillment, and lists. We help you get organized, and even increase your client base. We understand how the right technology—like Joomla, WordPress, and other CMS’—take you to that next plateau. Here is something else we do: we decrease your need to call in an expensive Web programmer every time you need a small change. That is just another component of our custom CMS solution packages.  If you sell online, we connect a great CMS system with a great eCommerce solution that is customized to suit your needs.

For selling products or services online, we have the expertise and resources to put together backend systems—the e-tailing mechanics—so you can focus on growing your business. An eCommerce strategy will help you get to where you need to go. There are many things that should be considered—from methods of payment to calculating applicable taxes. We know eCommerce, and just one of the things our systems help you do is prevent shopping cart (purchase) abandonment. Do you have a system in place ready? Let us review it. 

Whether an unusable website or an eCommerce solution that isn’t working, the same results—negative results—will occur. In the first instance, people may choose to leave. In the second instance, you may have potential customers abandoning their purchase, or ‘bouncing’ right off your site. In both cases, if we cannot suggest improvements, there will be no charge to you. We create or improve your website or eCommerce system. We will tailor a solution for you.

We are not forgetting overall design: one of the ingredients that nicely complements a reliable website is attractive graphic design. Design elements not only help you get noticed, they ensure that your messages, products, or services are seen by the people who need to see them. We help create or reinforce your branding.

Virtual Assistance.

Our virtual assistants (VAs) perform an array of secretarial, administrative, technical, and other tasks. There are numerous advantages in using VAs instead of hiring employees. You do not pay VAs to take lunch or vacation. You do not buy them a new computer, and you do not provide them with office space. Our VAs are knowledgeable and efficient. Tell us about your growth. We have professional VAs who will complement your team.

Event Coordination.

Event Planning

Many businesses handle events in-house; whether a board meeting, promotional campaign, or seasonal holiday party. For some businesses, it works best that way. And yet, there are times when the services of a professional event planner might be the ticket to your success. You are only remembered for your last event; good or bad. We help plan, execute, or even staff that next important event. We understand that a high degree of organization and attention to detail turns an average occasion into an extraordinary success. Tell us about an occasion you need to plan: we will give you an estimate to that will be an investment in your next great event!

Find something you like or need?

Our brochure only starts the conversation. So being perfectly honest with you, what we would love to do is tell you more about our services; more than that, we would love to help you. An integrated solution for your company can include web design, graphic design elements, writing, or any other service you find here. We offer a discount for bundled packages built specifically for the goals of your company. Let us be a part of your company and find the solution that fits to you.

What do you need to help your business grow? Our experts are ready to help. We encourage you to contact us to discuss our services in greater detail.

You can reach our CEO, Cassandra Patton, directly by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling the Chattanooga, Tennessee or Twistringen, Germany offices.


We help guide your books and business to greater success!

Campaign Promotions

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Toronto, Canada  +1 416-453-6418
Twistringen, Germany +49 (0) 157 316 2345 9
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Campaign Promotions is partnered with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and donates 2% of all earnings to assist in putting an end veteran homelessness!

Putting an End to Homeless Veterans