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The life of being an author can be very rewarding, and as in every rewarding career, it can also be very challenging.

The challenges an author meets does not simply revolve around writing a good book, it goes much deeper than that!

An author needs an editor, someone who not only checks the spelling and sentence structure but also someone who manages the layout, design and book cover. In addition, decisions have to be made about the various publishing options, such as self publishing, traditional publishing, or print-on-demand publishing. There also comes to question of finding an experienced agent who can help you with your questions, and help you form the relationships you need to succeed. 

It does not even end with getting your book published, the work is really only beginning at this stage! Now you have to market it too. That's right, it is the authors responsiblity to market their book. Even with a publisher you cannot be sure that your book will sale and be even a moderate success, not to mention a best seller. No, unfortunately now you need a  website and a marketer. Someone who is skilled in the ways of obtaining pre-sales, fans, and marketing books to best seller status. Someone who can help you turn your book into a business and a success story. 

Only then can an author sit back and breathe again, knowing they are in good hands and it is only a matter of time until they are hitting the best seller lists.

Campaign Promotions is a full service author assistance company, taking the guess work out of the various stages of getting your book to the top for the best conditions. We assit in finding an agent, arranging an editor, we provide professional website services complete with ghostwriting/copyright professionals, and marketing from pre-sales to on-going success.

A books success is based upon not only the content of the book but also the effort that the author applies. 

Campaign Promotions is partnered with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and donates 2% of all earnings to assist in putting an end veteran homelessness!

Putting an End to Homeless Veterans



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